Supporting a new generation of nepali professionals

Bikas Udhyami Ambassador Program


Bikas Udhyami’s vision is a Nepal in which young Nepali are actively engaged in shaping the development discourse through the identification of innovative and smart solutions to existing and emerging challenges in order to achieve positive change. One of the key areas of our work is supporting young leadership development. Through our 6-12 month Bikas Udhyami Ambassadors initiative we offer young Nepali an opportunity to gain experience in development by working together with our team of young, dynamic and creative Nepali professionals. The Initiative aims to:

  • Develop brand advocates to promote Bikas Udhyami as an organization, its work and initiatives in Nepal and abroad.
  • Enhance young people’s public speaking, writing, presenting and communication skills to increase their leadership potential.
  • Provide hands on experience of young Nepali to build their confidence and knowledge in the field.
  • Bring innovation, energy and new perspectives to Bikas Udhyami office.

The Ambassadors will be supervised by one of the Bikas Udhyami team members and will be provided with practical and well-structured learning opportunities.


Bikas Udhyami Ambassadors are young and enthusiastic Nepali, who believe in our mission and are interested in our areas of work.


  • Current Bachelors or Masters students and recent graduates with a Bachelor or Master degree in any discipline.
  • Strong interest in development and in Bikas Udhyami’s areas of work in particular
  • Time commitment to work for 3-4 hours per week for 3-6 months at a minimum
  • Excellent verbal communication skills in English and Nepal
  • Strong willingness to learn and accept feedback

Meet our Ambassadors

Bikesh Maharjan

Bikas Udhyami Ambassador

BA Social Work 3rd year, K and K international college, Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Bikesh is an active person. Besides his role as Ambassador, he is also the President of Youth Green Club 1st Program Under Youth Vision 2025. Since recently, he is also the CEO of Girls Kick, an organization to empower young women through self-defense training. In addition, he is a trainer of SDGs and a National Level Champion of Karate 2073.

Mansa Nepal

Bikas Udhyami Ambassador

Being a social work student, Mansa has actively participated in different programs. She is a Volunteer mobilizer at CAHURAST; Ambassador at integrity talks; Leader at youth green club and serves as Joint Secretary at Leo Club of Kathmandu regency. She is in particular interested to work on suicidal awareness and got an opportunity to organize a musical fest themed as “Music, Live Life, Aware”. She believes that it’s not the quantity of work you do in your life, but the quality of work you do that impacts people's lives in positive ways.

Sangya Poudel

Bikas Udhyami Ambassador

BA Social Work 3rd year, K and K International College, Baneswor Kathmandu

Sangya has a desire to learn and to grow. Dedicated towards her work, she believes in action to bring about change in society. Being a student of social work, she wants to devote her skills to address challenges in order to contribute to positive change.

Sophiya Gautam

Bikas Udhyami Ambassador

BA International Relations, Webster University Thailand

Sophiya is a self-proclaimed professional bookworm. She prides herself on being very versatile because of her changing interests and hobbies. With a major as vast as International Relations, she wants not only to learn more about the different branches of her major but also about its implementations in real life. She hopes to hone her diplomatic skills and one day create changes, no matter how small because she has full faith in the butterfly effect.