A Study Into Development Data in NepalSeptember 3, 2018 Bikas Udhyami
A Study Into Development Data In Nepal aims to aid policy makers, development agencies, civil society organizations and others working on development in making informed investments in data and statistics in Nepal. The study aims to examine the strengths, weaknesses and delivery of Nepal’s National… Read More
Social Changemakers in Nepal Stories of Young People Trying to Make a DifferenceJuly 18, 2018 Bikas Udhyami
While Nepal faces a myriad of challenges, it is often easy to forget that there are also many positive changes happening. Some of these changes are the result of the hard work of Nepal’s young social change makers who are trying to make a difference. According to Ashoka, a social change maker is… Read More
Social Entrepreneurship in Nepal: Stories of Young Entrepreneurs Changing the Way Business is DoneFebruary 28, 2018 Bikas Udhyami
Bikas Udhyami is a social Business supporting young people to contribute to Nepal’s development through innovative and smart solutions. A critical part of our mission has been to promote social innovation and encourage other young people to become social entrepreneurs. Therefore, from the start, we… Read More
Nepal In Data OutlookMay 1, 2018 Nepal in Data
Nepal in Data Outlook aims to address this gap and is unique in that it provides, a summarized yet comprehensive synopsis of the performance of Nepal and its 7 Provinces in five key areas. Though it is a preliminary report, it is intended as a tool for federal and provincial governments- to help… Read More