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Through the Bikas Udhyami blog, we share our perspectives and analysis on Nepal’s state of affairs and development. In addition, as part of our blog we provide insights into our work and activities.

Waste Management at Its Best: The Story of Doko Recyclers SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BLOG SERIES NO 20May 31, 2019 Bikas Udhyami (Dipika Khatiwada)
Our vision is to standardize proper waste management and implement it across the country such that 90% of the waste we generate would be recycled instead of ending up in landfills. This would not only ensure our environment (mainly water, air, and soil quality) would be better, but it would also circle back valuable resources into our economy Read More
Bringing The Tastes from The Kitchen to The Cafe - The Story of The Village Cafe SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BLOG SERIES NO: 19May 31, 2019 Bikas Udhyami (Sajani Lama)
Our Cafe is based on the farm-to-table concept. The vegetables, dry lentils and other kinds of stuff used in our cafe are directly supplied from the farms of our home-based workers. There are several business units located in different parts of Nepal which supply the kitchen materials. Read More
Working with women, one of the first things I encountered was patriarchy. Husbands who can earn and who can’t earn both are not willing to let their wives go and earn. It is a matter of pride for them. Because of this reason and others, women are confined to the house that is run by a male. It happens among all classes of people, even among upper-class women. Many men still want their wives to be at home, raise the children, wash their clothes and do nothing more than that. Read More
SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BLOG SERIES ISSUE NO. 17: BIKAS UDHYAMI: We Found Purpose in Emotional Intelligence: The Story of My Emotions MatterMay 7, 2019 Suraj Subedi (Bikas Udhyami)
The most common thing they have is overthinking. They think a lot. It doesn’t lead to the solution. It is about assuming things and that keeps running around the head. They lack emotional literacy. If people could level the impact of their emotion, these things could be solved easily. It helps to manage the emotional things. But unfortunately, we do not know the names of the emotion we have. We don’t know to expect good, bad, depressed sad etc. Depressed is the most mistakenly used prediction nowadays. We should work something more to spread emotional vocabulary. Read More
SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BLOG SERIES ISSUE NO. 16: Burn but not Undone; The Story of Radhako Burn SurvivorsJanuary 21, 2019 Suraj Subedi - Bikas Udhyami
The fire burnt her body, not her courage. She went on starting something of her own not only for her but also for other women burn survivors. And now have been the example of what a burned body can do. There are 19 other burn survivors working with her. Read More